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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Trip to the DMV

Upon entering the DMV, the outside parking lot's pavement was cracking, and there were potholes everywhere. The grass was trampled and dying while there was loose trash floating in the wind. A dark cloud hovered above the place while a lightning bolt shot at it in the background. The tornado siren started to go off as small drops of rain started to come pouring down

Only picture of a Lego DMV I could find!

The building looked like it was built in the '70s and hadn't been updated since. It had signs everywhere that they strangely don't accept visa. The entire building was surrounded by rusty barbed wire that a 2 year old could climb over. It was filled with smelly old ladies who were laughing at each other's awkward jokes as small Chinese Woman failed a vision test. The room I had to sit in was over saturated with middle-aged, balding men and people who looked like escaped convicts. It was terrible.

Oh yeah. I aced my learner's permit test.


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