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Friday, June 20, 2014

"Wings" - A Stop-Motion Animation Feature

Last year at Brickworld 2013, I was offered to go to the film festival after meeting what then wasn't called but now is "IMPLUG". With nothing better to do for the day, I agreed and was really blown away by their Nottingham Tower. They took home Most Popular Film and From Bakers to Bad Guys took Best Film. After seeing the majority of entries for that year, I knew I had a really good shot at doing well.

I began animating a while ago (2011 est.). My real first animation was pretty much a disaster. It was made over the course of one afternoon at a friend's house. The quality is pretty bad. It still has a decent amount of charm, however.

Following the first, I made plenty of stopmotion videos for school. Getting a decent webcam and microphone helped a bunch and my next was Viva La RevoluciĆ³n - A Tale of Two Cities Lego School Project which took nearly a month from start to finish. This was made with two other friends but I easily did 75% of the work (because I'm a control freak when it comes to these things). It got a 97.5% which was pretty cool and I made two more over the course of my high school career (with the help of some friends).

All of these projects were all school related which made them pretty restricted with content and quality. But with Brickworld coming up, I wanted to create the best film I possibly could. Of course, there's still a lot about the film I don't like due to, again time restrictions I didn't forsee, but oh well. Here's "Wings":

It took home Best Film and Most Popular film (the first film to ever do so) which was incredible.
Haven't made a post on here for a while, hence the short length of this one. Back with more sooner or later. Now to get started on next year's!